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curl 8.8.0 for Windows

These are the latest and most up to date official curl binary builds for Microsoft Windows.

curl version: 8.8.0
Build: 8.8.0_1
Date: 2024-05-22
Changes: 8.8.0 changelog

Download 64-bit curl curl for 64-bit
Size: 7.4 MB
sha256: 55b01829dbc774ac201bb0cacebe453857707b10913937c49e3e8f48f0998703

Download 64-bit (ARM64) curl curl for 64-bit (ARM64)
Size: 7.3 MB
sha256: 991e2b0c74900216ae38c354690bd87f675f0b342acfa624563f4cc535885da0

Download 32-bit curl curl for 32-bit
Size: 7.4 MB
sha256: 35889d15c5074f77f1f391133e416570f09afe9afa0f77cd5f427994750bccc5

Fixed URLs

These links automatically provide the latest curl package:

curl for win64
curl for win64 ARM64
curl for win32


curl 8.8.0_1 was built and statically linked with

The following tools/compilers were used in the build process:

The log from the build.

Get further details about these curl builds in the curl-for-win github repo

Microsoft ships curl too

curl is also shipped by Microsoft as part of Windows 10 and 11.