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Vulnerabilities in curl 4.8.4

curl version 4.8.4 was released on September 20 1998. The following 4 security problems are known to exist in this version.

FlawFrom versionTo and includingCVECWE
trusting FTP PASV responses4.07.73.0CVE-2020-8284CWE-200: Exposure of Sensitive Information to an Unauthorized Actor
sensitive HTTP server headers also sent to proxies4.07.42.0CVE-2015-3153CWE-201: Information Exposure Through Sent Data
cookie leak with IP address as domain4.07.37.1CVE-2014-3613CWE-201: Information Exposure Through Sent Data
Proxy Authentication Header Information Leakage4.57.10.6CVE-2003-1605CWE-201: Information Exposure Through Sent Data

Changelog for curl 4.8.4

See vulnerability summary for the previous release: 4.8.3 or the subsequent release: 4.9