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RE: SMTP Patches

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 12:42:29 +0100

Hi William,

First of all my apologies if this email doesn't appear in the thread but
Hotmail seems to have lost your emails so I've had to copy the content from
the curl website :(

> > I've added functionality to the most recent version of curl (from git
> > 7.26.1) that will allow you to set the HELO string. Currently it's
> > CURLOPT_MAIL_HELO and will control both EHLO and HELO strings that are
> > sent. If the option is left out it simply defaults to what it does now.
> > didn't see a need to make two separate options (CURLOPT_MAIL_EHLO and
> > CURLOPT_MAIL_HELO), because they should send the same thing when
> > identifying its self.

Thank you for the patch - it is much appreciated.

However, what are the benefits to supplying a user defined HELO / EHLO
string in the URL? For example:


Personally, I think the URL approach is a bit hacky but it does mean we
don't need to introduce another CURLOPT and it's one less function call for
the programmer to do ;-)

> Sorry for the reply, but if it's easier for anyone you can also get the
> patches from github.
> In the future would it be easier to just submit patches this way or attach
> them in the email like I did originally?

Patches in email are the preferred way to submit modifications.

Kind Regards


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