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SMTP Patches

From: William Betts <>
Date: Sat, 26 May 2012 17:58:52 -0700


I've added functionality to the most recent version of curl (from git
7.26.1) that will allow you to set the HELO string. Currently it's
CURLOPT_MAIL_HELO and will control both EHLO and HELO strings that are
sent. If the option is left out it simply defaults to what it does now. I
didn't see a need to make two separate options (CURLOPT_MAIL_EHLO and
CURLOPT_MAIL_HELO), because they should send the same thing when
identifying its self.

Attached are the patches. I used git and tried to follow the standards laid
out as best as possible. There isn't a test included, because I have no
clue how to go about testing this. I have tested it out side of the testing
framework and it did work. If there are any questions or pointers please
feel free to ask me.

Best Regards,

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