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Re: Initial SSL connection problem with libcurl

From: Nicholas Parsons <>
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 10:17:57 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Daniel,

>>[You could consider the libcurl mailing list for topics such as this, as there's a huge crowd of libcurlers on that list, most of them not reading this list...]

Ok, from now on I will. Sorry about that.

>>This is what I love about distributions doing their own patching and version<br>numbering. Now what on the earth is "7.10.2-35" ?

Good question. I just was reading off the information given
to me in YaST2.

>>Which version was the previous one?

curl-7.10.2 which I downloaded/installed from the main
curl web site.

>> Do you run a ipv6-enabled kernel?

I'm not sure. I have not recompiled the kernel yet since
the installation of SuSE 8.2 and so I am using the default
kernel that was shipped (2.4.20).

>>Are you using a sane version of glibc?

Yup, and also gcc 3.3.

>>If Suse is like Redhat in this aspect, they may have shipped whatever version they found lying around when it was time for release...

I doubt this. I tried to remove the curl package using rpm -e
and discovered that YOU (YaST Online Update) depends on that
package so I couldn't uninstall it.

I guess I will try to install the old version that worked. I just
have to make sure I don't overwrite the "other" version that SuSE's
YOU uses in the process.

Thanks for your help,

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Received on 2003-05-02