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curl_multi() in a different thread

From: Yago Ferrer <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 02:51:42 -0700


Lets say you have a HTTP service and is always the same URL. You own the
HTTP server-side and the HTTP client-side. The client-side gets some users
delayed due too many independent cURL call connections to the server-side. I
would like to catch all those cURL connections that are happening in the
same time and use something like curl_multi() but because they occur in
different sessions I need to handle this using a third service. I was
thinking to use Memcache to manage a queue system and use PHP to
store/retrieve from the different users and another C program getting the
information from Memcache and doing the connections and storing the response
back in Memcache. Do you think that something like this will improve speed
and decrease delay?

Thank you!

Yago Ferrer

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