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Re: curl_multi() in a different thread

From: Marco Maggi <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 11:58:58 +0100

"Yago Ferrer" wrote:
> The client-side gets some users delayed due too many
> independent cURL call connections to the server-side.

I understand this as: many clients (different programs,
different hosts) connect to the same server and request the
same URL. The server cannot handle the load, so clients get
their answer with unacceptable delay in time.

> I would like to catch all those cURL connections that are
> happening in the same time and use something like
> curl_multi() but because they occur in different sessions
> I need to handle this using a third service.

I understand that you want to solve the problem with a proxy
which caches pages. But cURL is a client-only library, so
this question is out of context here; I think you are
misunderstanding what the multi API is for.

  In any case nothing can be said; you must try a solution
on your specific hardware and see what happens.


Marco Maggi
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Received on 2009-12-17