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Re: curl_multi() in a different thread

From: Yago Ferrer <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 08:19:51 -0700

Thanks for writing me back.
I think you misunderstood, sorry I didn't explain myself. Many clients is
all the users visiting a website in a Silo. The Silo connects to the Main
Server using cURL for every user visit. That connection is need it to parse
some XML and get a response back. With a great amount of traffic the cURL
connection gets delayed, you can see in Apache a big amount of Threads open
to the Main Server. What I'm looking here is a way to increase speed between
the Cilo and the Main Cluster and I don't know if having a system that does
multiple cURL connections at the same time, instead one for each client in a
different thread, will improve speed.
Make sense?

Thanks again!


On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 3:58 AM, Marco Maggi <>wrote:

> "Yago Ferrer" wrote:
> > The client-side gets some users delayed due too many
> > independent cURL call connections to the server-side.
> I understand this as: many clients (different programs,
> different hosts) connect to the same server and request the
> same URL. The server cannot handle the load, so clients get
> their answer with unacceptable delay in time.
> > I would like to catch all those cURL connections that are
> > happening in the same time and use something like
> > curl_multi() but because they occur in different sessions
> > I need to handle this using a third service.
> I understand that you want to solve the problem with a proxy
> which caches pages. But cURL is a client-only library, so
> this question is out of context here; I think you are
> misunderstanding what the multi API is for.
> In any case nothing can be said; you must try a solution
> on your specific hardware and see what happens.
> --
> Marco Maggi
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