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Re: curl_multi() in a different thread

From: Marco Maggi <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 20:38:18 +0100

"Yago Ferrer" wrote:
> The Silo connects to the Main Server using cURL for every
> user visit. [...] With a great amount of traffic the cURL
> connection gets delayed, you can see in Apache a big
> amount of Threads open to the Main Server. What I'm
> looking here is a way to increase speed between the Cilo
> and the Main Cluster [...]

Yes, I was mistaken. You have to identify the bottleneck; I
am afraid only you can do this analysis and evaluate the
cost of doing the analysis vs. the cost of guessing the
cause of the problem and rewrite part of the application.

Marco Maggi
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