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Re: curl-7.10.5 sys/select.h

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 08:44:58 +0200 (CEST)

Andreas Ley wrote:

(I've pasted this mail from a list archive, as I've just changed MX on the
domain I mainly read mail on so I haven't yet received all mails I expect to
get, thus I've only seen this mail in an archive so far. I'll reply anyway.)

Thanks for reporting!

> For a long time, curl ignored sys/select.h, which was needed to compile on
> AIX 4.1. Not it includes sys/select.h, which is not present on HP-UX. Since
> configure already tests for presence of sys/select.h, this really should
> be:

While I understand your concern, I'm afraid it isn't as easy as that. Here's

The include files in include/curl/ are public, meant to be included and used
by any libcurl-using application. They do not necessary run configure and
check for that header file and I don't want to force them to do so.

Also, you say it "is not present on HP-UX", when funnily enough searching for
"select.h hpux" on google returns an older posting on this very mailing list,
dated november 28 2001[*], showing the configure output from a HPUX 11 host
using the "aCC" compiler:

 "checking for sys/socket.h... yes"

So, saying that HPUX lacks that header seems to be wrong. Is it HPUX 10 that
lacks it? If so, do you know if there's any way we can detect HPUX 10 using
predefined cpp defines? I guess perhaps HPUX 11 doesn't _need_ the
sys/select.h header present there and if that is the case we can instead make

#infdef __hpux
#include <sys/select.h>

... but I would need input from someone with HPUX 11 to know if this is a
good or bad fix. Anyone with info on this?

[*] =

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