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curl / libcurl / API / curl_easy_getinfo / CURLINFO_PRIMARY_IP



CURLINFO_PRIMARY_IP - get IP address of last connection


#include <curl/curl.h>
CURLcode curl_easy_getinfo(CURL *handle, CURLINFO_PRIMARY_IP, char **ip);


Pass a pointer to a char pointer to receive the pointer to a null-terminated string holding the IP address of the most recent connection done with this curl handle. This string may be IPv6 when that is enabled. Note that you get a pointer to a memory area that will be re-used at next request so you need to copy the string if you want to keep the information.

The ip pointer will be NULL or pointing to private memory you MUST NOT free - it gets freed when you call curl_easy_cleanup on the corresponding CURL handle.


All network based ones


  char *ip;
  curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_URL, "");
  /* Perform the request, res will get the return code */
  res = curl_easy_perform(curl);
  /* Check for errors */
  if((res == CURLE_OK) &&
     !curl_easy_getinfo(curl, CURLINFO_PRIMARY_IP, &ip) && ip) {
    printf("IP: %s\n", ip);
  /* always cleanup */


Added in 7.19.0

Return value

Returns CURLE_OK if the option is supported, and CURLE_UNKNOWN_OPTION if not.

See also

curl_easy_getinfo(3), curl_easy_setopt(3), CURLINFO_PRIMARY_PORT(3), CURLINFO_LOCAL_IP(3),

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