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All curl_multi_setopt options listed

All existing options for curl_multi_setopt in alphabetical order.

CURLMOPT_CHUNK_LENGTH_PENALTY_SIZE chunk length threshold for pipelining
CURLMOPT_CONTENT_LENGTH_PENALTY_SIZE size threshold for pipelining penalty
CURLMOPT_MAXCONNECTS size of connection cache
CURLMOPT_MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS max concurrent streams for http2
CURLMOPT_MAX_HOST_CONNECTIONS max number of connections to a single host
CURLMOPT_MAX_PIPELINE_LENGTH maximum number of requests in a pipeline
CURLMOPT_MAX_TOTAL_CONNECTIONS max simultaneously open connections
CURLMOPT_PIPELINING enable HTTP multiplexing
CURLMOPT_PIPELINING_SERVER_BL pipelining server block list
CURLMOPT_PIPELINING_SITE_BL pipelining host block list
CURLMOPT_PUSHDATA pointer to pass to push callback
CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION callback that approves or denies server pushes
CURLMOPT_SOCKETDATA custom pointer passed to the socket callback
CURLMOPT_SOCKETFUNCTION callback informed about what to wait for
CURLMOPT_TIMERDATA custom pointer to pass to timer callback
CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION callback to receive timeout values