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Re: Travis CI proposal

From: Patrick Monnerat via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2017 11:28:24 +0100

On 09/07/2017 07:27 AM, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>> Maybe we should determine iconv() argument types at configure time to
>> avoid these warnings, then check as shown above in Travis CI.
> Yes, that sounds excellent! We could *possibly* get away with just
> #ifdefs for it, since then it'll be much easier to get it to work with
> other build systems too. But I don't know what systems that have this
> as "const char *"...
Me neither: I found the IBM z/OS C runtime last spec [1] that is the one
for TPF, and it says iconv() has no const: it's strange curl currently
has no problem on this platform since this kind of incompatible pointer
conversion should be flagged [2]: maybe TPF gets warnings too?
> Maybe we should just start out with removing the 'const' there and
> then wait for people to report when *that* causes warnings and then we
> can add #ifdefs for it then... ?
This would also have the advantage to avoid needlessly overloading the
configure script.
In all cases, the attention of the TPF curl maintainer should be raised.

I'll be on the road since tomorrow for 10 days with limited internet
access: maybe someone can "take the baby" in the meantime, or I'll do it
when back.
In all cases, I do not master the Travis CI thing (step 2) and I would
prefer the change is done by someone who does.

[1] =$file/bpxbd00_v2r3.pdf
[2] =
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