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Re: Gopher [Was ""]

From: bch <>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 14:31:43 -0800

I'm reading more...:

The characters following the tab, up to the next tab form a selector
   string that the client software must send to the server to retrieve
   the document (or directory listing). The selector string should mean
   nothing to the client software; it should never be modified by the
   client. In practice, the selector string is often a pathname or
   other file selector used by the server to locate the item desired.
   The next two tab delimited fields denote the domain-name of the host
   that has this document (or directory), and the port at which to
   connect. If there are yet other tab delimited fields, the basic
   Gopher client should ignore them. A CR LF denotes the end of the

You're probably right, re: "the number of people using gopher with
(lib)curl" --I was wondering if there was deep knowledge contained by
you (@bagder) or anybody else... I may start hacking this for fun (not

Cheers :)

On 2/26/16, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Feb 2016, bch wrote:
>> ...and I'm seeing what appears to be poor gopher URI handling:
> It just shows how many people are actually using gopher with (lib)curl
>> or am I misinterpetting what the URI really ought to be?
> Is there anyone around who still remembers how gopher URLs should be
> constructed? =) I certainly don't.
> Yet we have a few test cases that verify gopher functionality. So either
> that
> was a wrong URL or our tests are just too incomplete.
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