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Re: Gopher [Was ""]

From: bch <>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 14:21:37 -0800

I suspect what's going on is reflected by this text in RFC1436.

   The first character on each line tells whether the line describes a
   document, directory, or search service (characters '0', '1', '7';
   there are a handful more of these characters described later). The
   succeeding characters up to the tab form a user display string to be
   shown to the user for use in selecting this document (or directory)
   for retrieval. The first character of the line is really defining
   the type of item described on this line. In nearly every case, the
   Gopher client software will give the users some sort of idea about
   what type of item this is (by displaying an icon, a short text tag,
   or the like).

The _curl_ behaviour I'm seeing seems unintuitive, though; if the RFC
is saying that the first char is a status component (fair enough; a
statement of fact), is that part of the URI, or sort of the protocol?
If I'm passing something to libcurl or cURL, currently I'm expected to
put in a "garbage" character to be stripped. That behaviour seems out
of place. Comments ?


On 2/26/16, bch <> wrote:
> ...and I'm seeing what appears to be poor gopher URI handling:
> $ curl gopher://
> 3'/usic/Auld-Lang-Syne.html' does not exist (no handler found)
> 1
> or am I misinterpetting what the URI really ought to be?
> -bch
> On 2/26/16, bch <> wrote:
>> After 15 year downtime...
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