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Re: the new site layout went live

From: Michael Osipov <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 12:12:48 +0200

> Hey all,
> Thanks for the feedback. I've just pushed some 40 commits to the web repo and
> the new web site layout is live.
> Simpler, narrower, easier on the eye and decently functional even on small
> screens.
> I've greatly reduced the number of menu options on the "worst" pages. The
> "documentation" section is now split up in five different docs pages.
> I'm working on markdown-ify some of the last text documents to make them
> better when shown on the web. The INTERNALS document also got all the
> lib/README.* files basically absorbed into it. It will need some further
> polishing but is certainly moving towards a rather detailed guide on
> everything *inside* libcurl.
> I expect to have landed a couple of mistakes in the process so if you find
> problems after a day or two, please let me know since then it is probably
> something I haven't seen myself.

Just checked. It looks like one step ahead and two steps back. .menuitem is #ffffff
on a white background. Content has no padding to the border.

I'd rather pick the previous one because I feel completely lost with this new

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