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Re: Cannot get curllib to work with Visual C++ 11

From: Ray Satiro <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 12:54:22 -0500

On 11/25/2014 11:34 AM, Jon wrote:
> I’m new to curllib and cannot get the libraries to work with Visual
> C++ v11.0. I downloaded v7.36 (32-bit) a couple of months ago and
> compiled it to a .lib file (note I wasn’t able to create a .dll). When
> I put the .lib file into my library path and called a couple of
> curllib functions the linker complained and could not find these
> functions to execute. I confirmed this by creating dummy functions
> with same name and parameters in my code.
> I’m running Windows 7 Home Edition SP1. If possible, could someone
> send me the .lib and .dll files of either the 7.36 build or later
> build? I will download the headers from the site if need be.

How did you build libcurl and what were the errors you received? If you
want to build libcurl yourself for VC11 there are two ways, first one is
open a Visual Studio x86 2012 command prompt, switch to the
curl-7.39.0\winbuild directory, and run:

nmake /f mode=dll VC=11

The output will be in

Second way is there are project files for VC11 in
curl-7.39.0\projects\Windows\VC11. If you want SSL use Windows SSPI
configurations or OpenSSL if you have that. For example:

DLL Debug - DLL Windows SSPI - DLL WinIDN
DLL Release - DLL Windows SSPI - DLL WinIDN

All this applies to the latest source, I didn't check past versions. You
can download the source at [1] and also there are contributors who build
libcurl and if you scroll down that page you might find one already
built for vc11.


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