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RE: [PATCH] smb/cifs

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 22:59:55 +0000

On Tue, 11 Nov 2011, Nagel, Bill wrote:

> > However, and this is more for my own curiosity, but I couldn’t find
> > any mention of it in the manpages :(
> I'm not sure if it in the docs, it just something I've noticed.

No problem.

> > I don't want to sound funny about this, but you might prefer to use
> > these types (and if it was my own code outside of this project then I
> > would as well), however the majority of curl is C89 compliant and we
> > try to keep it as such. I appreciate the typedefs you introduce
> > maintains portability but that’s not how we do things around here.
> Do you prefer that I rename the types and avoid stdint? Like "smb_u32".

For the purpose of the project and anyone else maintaining this after your initial work I'd rather you use native C89 compatible types rather than either your own or C99 types.

> I will go with this, and add SSPI support in a later patch:

If you modify curl_ntlm_core.c to not have USE_WINDOWS_SSPI around the following functions then I believe it will compile probably under a SSPI based build:


If you then place the following around the SMB code then the project should build when we don't have a crypto layer, auth support has been disabled or NTLM has been disabled:

#if !defined(CURL_DISABLE_SMB) && defined(USE_NTLM)

I can of course test all of this via my Visual Studio projects on Windows as well as on my Linux VM using autoconf.

Kind Regards


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