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RE: [PATCH] smb/cifs

From: Nagel, Bill <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 17:30:07 +0000

> > Do you prefer that I rename the types and avoid stdint? Like "smb_u32".
> For the purpose of the project and anyone else maintaining this after your
> initial work I'd rather you use native C89 compatible types rather than either
> your own or C99 types.

At the minimum I need to typedef a 64-bit int.

> > I will go with this, and add SSPI support in a later patch:
> If you modify curl_ntlm_core.c to not have USE_WINDOWS_SSPI around the
> following functions then I believe it will compile probably under a SSPI based
> build:
> Curl_ntlm_core_mk_lm_hash()
> Curl_ntlm_core_lm_resp()
> nt_hash()
> If you then place the following around the SMB code then the project should
> build when we don't have a crypto layer, auth support has been disabled or
> NTLM has been disabled:
> #if !defined(CURL_DISABLE_SMB) && defined(USE_NTLM)

It might build, but it would not work because those functions need md4 and des. So I will add SSPI support in a later patch.



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