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RE: [PATCH 1/7] Comment and debug output fixes.

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2014 21:36:13 +0000

On Sun, 9 Nov 2011, Carlo Wood wrote:

> > Now we have identified a problem of only enclosing attachments and not
> > performing inline patches :-P
> I can now... opening it an xterm with 'less'.

Woosh - that's gone completely over my head =-/

> Ah ok - I added that in the other patches (all being 'pipelining:').

Ah yes - Trust me to pick the one patch you missed it off ;-)

> > * A personal hatred - I avoid full stops at the end of the first line
> > as it is description or subject rather than a sentence (very picky of
> > me I know!)
> Is it just personal or should I remove them? Personally I'm very keen
> on adding punctuation EVERYWHERE (code comments, debug output(!)
> and git commit messages :p.

We don’t have a hard rule so to speak - just a bit of convention I guess which for source comments is if is a one-liner then don't add a full stop (an exclamation mark or question mark may be required), if it is a couple of sentences or a paragraph then add punctuation as you would normally. In commit comments we generally use punctuation in the "full description" but not in the "short description" - in that sense you could view the short description like a one line source comment ;-)

> > * I reformatted the full description to use spacing between the
> > different fixes and tried to make better use of the 72 character limit
> I thought I already had limited them to 72... Or maybe it was 80: my editor,
> when typing in a commit message, is aware that it is a git comment and makes
> characters red that are too wide and/or auto wraps. I assumed that the limits
> that it uses are standard.

Don't know - like I mentioned it could have been my side. Note: We use 76 characters in a commit comment's short description and 72 in the full description (But reading the contribute page just now - I'm not sure where I got the 76 from!!)

> I love git, with all its power and flexibility... but ok, this is just a bunch of patches
> and then I'm gone again (hopefully; so very busy with other stuff).

Yeah - That was pretty much my view 3 and half years ago. I just wanted to add NTLM support to SMTP so we could use libcurl for email integration at work. Then we wanted to receive emails as well, so I I fixed up a load of stuff in the POP3 protocol and before you know it I was adding SASL and APOP authentication to POP3, became a committer, stuck my nose in elsewhere and took an interest in reviewing patches, worked with Jiri (the author of the IMAP re-write) to get his work into the project, and 1200+ commits later I'm still here adding Kerberos support to emails and other such random things :-/

> So, I'll just try to satisfy you :p. Lemme know if there are still problems the next
> time I post a (revised) patch.

I will do. Daniel has more knowledge about the pipelining code than me so I'm not sure I can assist with your other patches, I was just trying to help out on this one as the printf stuff caught my eye whilst I had a spare 30 minutes - it was either that or vacuum the upstairs carpets!

Kind Regards


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