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RE: [PATCH 1/7] Comment and debug output fixes.

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2014 19:35:11 +0000

On Sun, 9 Nov 2011, Carlo Wood wrote:

> > Attached updated patch enclosed.
> I can't open this anyone in my mailer, so now I can't reply to it with
> quotes from the patch :p

Odd :(

Now we have identified a problem of only enclosing attachments and not performing inline patches :-P

> Can you please tell me what I did wrong? I used gits email function and it produced
> the emails as they are. What did you have to change?

I appreciate I'm on Windows so do things a little differently, but I tend to generate the patch as a normal file and attach it rather than use Git's email functionality. I'm not too sure why it didn't come through though - have attached it again.

> >
> I think I followed the instructions from there.

You weren't far off and it was quiet difficult to tell what line reformatting Outlook / Hotmail did:

* The area was missing from the first line. I changed it from "Comment and debug output fixes.", to "cleanup: Comment and debug fixes", although "connections: Clean-up of comments and debug fixes" amongst others would have been good I guess.
* A personal hatred - I avoid full stops at the end of the first line as it is description or subject rather than a sentence (very picky of me I know!)
* I reformatted the full description to use spacing between the different fixes and tried to make better use of the 72 character limit

As I said, the latter may be Outlook / Hotmail's fault.

> I was copying what Peter Wu did/does...

There is no hard and fast rule on this:

1) Some people quote the patches in emails / use git's email functionality (Like you have Peter have)
2) Some (like me when I used to submit my patches to the mailing list - or when I need others assistance / input on a patch) will add them as attachments
3) Others, do both

The problem with 1) is that the line endings from the email can cause problems for msysgit / TortoiseGit so anyone on Windows has to copy the text and then save it using UNIX line endings where as an attachment they are preserved (Although it doesn't stop a Windows user having git configured incorrectly and sending them through with CRLF) and for example, I can simply drag the file from Outlook into my curl folder ;-) Not only but the line endings also get lost although sometimes as well:

diff --git a/lib/conncache.c b/lib/conncache.c
index 9522aeb..f63a8f5 100644

...ends up being

diff --git a/lib/conncache.c b/lib/conncache.c index 9522aeb..f63a8f5 100644

...and it normally takes me a while to realise when I receive an incorrect character at line x error from TortoiseGit :(

As such I don't often review the inline patches unless they are quite small.

The problem with 2), as we found out, is that some people can't open them.

Kind Regards


Received on 2014-11-09