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RE: Curl, OpenLDAP and Linux

From: Jakub Zakrzewski <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 14:46:26 +0000

> My understanding is that the libcurl build is pulling in the system OpenLDAP rather than our build of OpenLDAP.
> As such is there a way of specifying to curl when we build it, where to pick up our OpenLDAP build from?
> For example:
> --with-ldap seems like it should do the trick but doesn’t this just specify the library filename to use rather than the full path and library like the –with-ssl > flag does?
> If not, can this be extended to do the same?
> Many thanks in advance.


I had some success using:

  --with-ldap-lib=libname Specify name of ldap lib file
  --with-lber-lib=libname Specify name of lber lib file

(check ./configure --help)

and having path to OpenLDAP headers in CFLAGS


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