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RE: Problem with NTLM proxy authentication

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 13:37:06 +0100

On Thu, 11 Sep 2014, Ulrich Telle wrote:

>> Do you think it is worth passing a flag into those functions and
>> setting the ISC_REQ_ flags if that flag is set - for the email
>> protocols for example or not?
> For the calls in curl_ntlm_msgs.c I probably wouldn't do that. However, I'm
> no Windows SSPI expert.

Fair enough - functionally from my own testing there didn't seem much point but thought I would ask in case you or anyone else had any views.

>> However, I have just tested this against and Exchange 2013 server with
>> both single sign on and a specific user account (both with and without
>> the domain) and all three tests succeeded with the ISQ_REQ_ flags as
>> zero.
>> Are you up to providing a patch - I can do it but it is your find so I
>> would rather you are credited for the work ;-)
> I just submitted a patch to the curl-library list. :-)

Thank you...

I tidied up the commit message and some line lengths to make better use of the 80 character limit we have but have now pushed your patch as commiit 8ee182288a.

> Thanks again for bearing with me throughout the process to analyze and to
> finally fix the problem!

No problem - thank you for your bug report and for ultimately resolving the issue ;-)

Kind Regards

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