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Curl, OpenLDAP and Linux

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 22:09:09 +0100

Hi Team,


Please bear with me a little on this question as I am out of my comfort
zone, as you know I am a Windows developer, and this relates to the Linux
build of our software at work.


As such the question is on behalf of our Linux developers - They are a bit
shy so I'm posting on their behalf!! ;-)


Our software pulls in a bunch of third party libraries (OpenSSL, ICU,
Xerces-C, libcurl, pcre, etc.) that we compile ourselves (on both Windows
and Linux) as, like curl, our product is cross platform between Linux,
Solaris and Windows although written in C++.


On Linux we link against OpenSSL, OpenLDAP and libcurl.


Both the OpenLDAP and libcurl builds pull in our build of OpenSSL and for
example the libcurl build performs -with-ssl specifying the full path and
filename to our OpenSSL build.


However, when we come to link our application we get warnings that some of
the system OpenLDAP shared objects files (from /usr/lib64/ ) may conflict
with our build of OpenLDAP.


My understanding is that the libcurl build is pulling in the system OpenLDAP
rather than our build of OpenLDAP.


As such is there a way of specifying to curl when we build it, where to pick
up our OpenLDAP build from?


For example:


--with-ldap seems like it should do the trick but doesn't this just specify
the library filename to use rather than the full path and library like the
-with-ssl flag does?


If not, can this be extended to do the same?


Many thanks in advance.


Kind Regards




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