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Re: Patches to make testing external proxies more convenient

From: Fabian Keil <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 14:39:53 +0200

Fabian Keil <> wrote:

> Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:

> > Can elaborate on how you test with "external proxies" and what was the problem
> > you fixed here?
> I'm using a couple of modifications that haven't all been
> finished yet. I added them to the tarball as a "preview" (0010-0017).
> With the patches applied, I test Privoxy like this:
> ./ -n -P -H -m curl-test-manifest-for-privoxy HTTP

I'm still doing that and would like to get the required changes upstream after making them more generic.

Making it more convenient to run (parts of) curl's regression
tests with external proxies doesn't require a lot of changes
and as it should increase the number of people who frequently
test (parts of) curl, I think curl itself would benefit as

I attached some of the patches I'm currently using as examples.

The only Privoxy-specific patch is 0001, to make it generic
it should be sufficient to add another option to specify
an external script to compare() the test results with
proxy-specific knowledge (currently done inline).

Patch 0003 isn't absolutely required and the chosen syntax
turned out to be flawed (it's painful to read and write,
I rely on another script to regenerate the file ...),
but the following part of the commit message is still relevant:

| The idea is to let third parties like the Privoxy project
| distribute a manifest file with their tarballs that specifies
| which curl tests are expected to work, without having to
| fork the whole curl test suite.
| It would make sense to let the manifest specify additional
| (project-specific) tests directories and provide additional
| command line arguments for

Feedback welcome.


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