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Re: SMTP recipient issues

From: Dan <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 11:57:50 -0500

On 6/8/2012 4:57 PM, Steve Holme wrote:
> Hiya,
> On Fri, 8 Jun 2012, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> Alternatively if Daniel does mind us adding new SMTP specific error
> and change the data failed to be CURLE_SEND_ERROR.
Did we come to any sort of consensus about what the implementation should look like?
I'm not very familiar with the development cycle around here, but I'm looking at the part of smtp.c where this bug hails from. ( lines 1038- 1042) To me, it's either an efficient way to catch responses that are errors, or a broad net for a tiny fish, since the accepting response from a server is well defined (550 If I'm not mistaken).

If a consensus is reached, it should be a quick fix... but that's just inexperienced me talking. The issue then comes to determine invalid recipients- which could be done using a (sometimes supported) VRFY command to the mail server- the question becomes then how the invalid recipients are kept track of.

A slightly off topic question about smtp: I haven't seen anything about UTF-8 Support through SMTP- is this already supported or something that would need to be added on?

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