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further schannel improvements

From: Salisbury, Mark <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 21:10:30 +0000


Back in April I announced I had some experience creating a schannel implementation for libcurl and I would like to help contribute to the effort that Marc had started. Marc took a first review of these patches yesterday, I've rebased them on top of the more recent changes and I think they are ready to go.

I'd appreciate any feedback or questions anyone has on my patches.

Things to note:
* Supporting Windows CE and XP/Vista/Win7 is one of my main requirements (I work for HP on devices which run various flavors of windows - Linux too - which use libcurl). Because libcurl relies on posix methods that WinCE doesn't define, to actually build libcurl for WinCE one needs to find a Windows CE posix library. I'm using wceelibcex right now (with some improvements).

* I tried to build using the suggested nmake process. It didn't work for me - include paths weren't valid relative to where I was building. I tried building with a VS 2008 command shell. (do other people have problems running nmake too?) For me it was easy to create a VS 2008 project to build / test with.

**** I have not modified the build files but I did add one new file - win32_multibyte.c - so I'd appreciate help getting this into the necessary makefiles. ****

I'd like to thank Marc H for his efforts here. I think he's done a great job. I'd love for more people to test and provide feedback on this new schannel implementation.

Mark Salisbury

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