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Re: further schannel improvements

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 01:09:29 +0200

Salisbury, Mark <> wrote:

> Back in April I announced I had some experience creating a schannel implementation for libcurl and I would like to help contribute to the effort that Marc had started.  Marc took a first review of these patches yesterday, I've rebased them on top of the more recent changes and I think they are ready to go.
> I'd appreciate any feedback or questions anyone has on my patches.

First round,


introduces win32_multibyte.[ch], It would be interesting if these got
renamed to something which starts with "curl_" to ensure that our
files never in life clash with anything from anywhere else.

win32_multibyte.h lacks header inclusion guards such as

Makes functions _curl_win32_UTF8_to_wchar() and
_curl_win32_wchar_to_UTF8() available throughout libcurl, according to
libcurl coding standards these should be renamed to
Curl_win32_UTF8_to_wchar() and Curl_win32_wchar_to_UTF8()

> 0002-schannel-SSL-Use-standard-Curl-read-write-methods.patch

curl_schannel.c introduces C++ style comment.

> 0003-schannel-SSL-Added-helper-methods-to-simplify-code.patch

Contains spaces between '*' and pointer variable name in declaration
of InitSecBuffer() and InitSecBufferDesc()

> 0004-schannel-SSL-Made-send-method-handle-unexpected-case.patch


> 0005-schannel-SSL-Handle-extra-data-buffer-during-handsha.patch

Introduces C++ style comment. Replace "while (true)" statement with
"for (;;)" to avoid compiler warnings.

> 0006-schannel-SSL-certificate-validation-on-WinCE.patch

Introduces spaces between "if" and opening parenthesis. Introduces at
least onr line longer than 79 chars.

> 0007-schannel-SSL-Implemented-SSL-shutdown.patch

Alignment of arguments given to InitializeSecurityContext() should be
lined up below the first argument following opening parenthesis.

> 0008-strerror.c-setup.h-fixed-a-couple-of-compile-issues-.patch

I Might have missed something but from a first inspection, other than
the mentioned above, it follows libcurl's coding standards pretty

No other testing done at all.


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