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Re: after 7.26.0

From: Marc Hoersken <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 15:01:17 +0200

Hi again,

2012/6/7 Steve Holme <>:
>> Question is: Do you want me to merge your version
>> information code into my Schannel patch or do we want to
>> merge my patch first and then apply your changes to it?
> I'm happy for you to merge what I did into your branch and let you and
> Daniel handle how you want to split the patches / commits up. I don't need
> the credit for the work - especially as I took your original work and only
> really tidied it up ;-)

Okay, I think the best way would be to base your work on my rebased
branch which still holds the whole development history:

I am looking forward to your pull/merge request with the required changes.
And of course you will get credited in the commits. ;-)

> I think the main differences from what I remember were returning the data as
> ints / longs to each section of the version number and being able to choose
> which sections of data were returned by using NULLable pointers ;-) So I
> chose to use a 3D version number in the curl version string rather than the
> full 4D string.

Yes, I think that's it.

Best regards,
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