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RE: after 7.26.0

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 13:42:37 +0100

Hi again,

> > You will observe from my latest changes to the repository
> > that the NTLM code that was in smtp.c is now in curl_sasl.c
> > as it is also used by POP3.
> Nice, that means we have a general strategy on putting
> general/shared code in separate curl_*.[ch] files and use
> those from different places.

Yep - that seems to be the direction we are heading which I think is good as
it makes the code easier to read, maintain, etc...

I and a couple of others reworked the NTLM code last year and most of that
is in curl_nltm*.[ch] now and the common SASL code is now in curl_sasl.[ch]

> > > And for version information my patch still depends on
> > > version.lib, which was discussed earlier.
> >
> > Whilst my version patches were reverted, I still stand by
> > them - I appreciate there were a few problems
> > (makefiles etc...) due to me cobbling them together in a
> > bit of a hurry but I don't have any issue with the extra
> > dependency on version.lib [dll] as it exists on all modern
> > versions of Windows. I can't recall when version.dll was
> > introduced but is there a need to support pre Windows
> > 2000 for example?
> I also do not see a problem here. MSDN says that version.lib
> and version.dll are available sine Windows 2000 Professional
> and Windows 2000 Server.

I thought that was the version of Windows where they were introduced - but
my memory isn't what it used to be ;-)

> Question is: Do you want me to merge your version
> information code into my Schannel patch or do we want to
> merge my patch first and then apply your changes to it?

I'm happy for you to merge what I did into your branch and let you and
Daniel handle how you want to split the patches / commits up. I don't need
the credit for the work - especially as I took your original work and only
really tidied it up ;-)

I think the main differences from what I remember were returning the data as
ints / longs to each section of the version number and being able to choose
which sections of data were returned by using NULLable pointers ;-) So I
chose to use a 3D version number in the curl version string rather than the
full 4D string.

Kind Regards


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