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RE: Enhancing POP3 to support extra commands

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 20:35:54 +0000

Hi Daniel,

> -X is used to modify what libcurl would otherwise use.
> -Q is used to provide a list of commands to execute at some point, and
> the three different QUOTE lists run at different times - like before and
> after the "actual" file transfer.
> Remember that neither -X nor -Q prevents the actual "main" transfer,
> -X just changes it and -Q adds instructions.

Okay - that makes a bit more sense now, cheers...

> > Should I be using one or both of these options? My thoughts are to use
> > just the -X argument so for example curl command lines might be as
> Right, or more likely you'd use -X to do something else than LIST with
that URL
> as LIST would be the default for that URL. Right?

Yep you're right - although having -X LIST perform the default operation
won't hurt ;-)

> I would imagine you'd use -Q to do a full series of commands at once while
> connected. Like issuing a series of deletes or so.

Okay - I'll leave that for a follow up patch as surely the URL would need to
change for each message to delete ?

> > I have listed all the possible commands above using their POP3 syntax
> > - We could use full English words such as RETRIEVE, DELETE, RESET etc...
> No, I think we should pass on exactly what the user specifies as that's
> -X and -Q do for other protocols (well, except for SFTP but SFTP has a
> binary protocol so we use the documented names and convert them to

Cool - I just need to modify what I've already done and I should be able to
send over a series of patches ;-)



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