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Re: Static winbuild with SSL broken

From: Ward Willats <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 11:27:58 -0800

At 8:05 PM +0100 12/6/11, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>(I think it just proves it again that providing proper patches is
>the superior way to suggest changes...)

Thanks Daniel.

Now, if I was taking the hint, I would include a patch file for the
following too, but I suck. I had to change 7.23.1
winbuild/ line 102 from:

SSL_LIBS = libeay32.lib ssleay32.lib


SSL_LIBS = libeay32.lib ssleay32.lib gdi32.lib user32.lib advapi32.lib satisfy some questionable dependencies in the fatal error
handling in openssl 1.0.0e when linking curl.exe. Looks like this was
addressed in 2008 for mingw/cygwin crowd:

(I should join them. I had forgotten what a piece of rubbish "nmake" is!)

-- Ward
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