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Re: Autobuilds and on Windows

From: Guenter <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 01:27:37 +0200

Am 19.08.2010 21:03, schrieb Adam Light:
> Hi
> I'd like to get an autobuild of curl set up on my Windows 7 x64
> machine using the Visual Studio compiler since looking at
> <> it doesn't look like this configuration
> has an autobuild at the moment.
yeah, great!!! Someone on MSVC who loves libcurl!

> I am following the instructions at
> <> but I've run into some problems.
> Mostly the problems are easily solved and due to the fact that the
> windows shell is a poor substitute for a shell and getting git, nmake,
> and the various other shell commands that need to be used to all work
> properly, including getting all the environment variables set up
> right, takes some effort.
> But from what I can tell has a bug in it that prevents it
> from working correctly on Windows.
> From the windows shell, I did:
> mkdir curlbuild
> cd curlbuild
> git clone git://
> ./curl/tests/
> started to run and then after printing out a bunch of
> stuff, the following printed:
> testcurl: display lib/curl_config-win32.h
> lib/curl_config-win32.h: No such file or directory at
> line 571. (.... represents the full path to the file)
> Line 571 is doing open(F, "lib/curl_config$confsuffix.h"). Since
> $confsuffix is always empty except when Windows is the target, and
> since curl_config.h exists, this works on all platforms but windows.
> But since curl_config-win32.h does not exist (the file is named
> config-win32.h) this fails on Windows.
yes, correct; my fault. Some longer time ago I did rename config.h to
curl_config.h, and left the heandtweaked configs out. We should rename
these too I guess ...
FTM a simple workaround is to just make a copy of config-win32.h to
curl_config-win32.h - this file does not change that often, and anyway
its only that wants to display it which is also of no
further use since its anyway a static file coming from git - the display
is mainly to see those curl_config.h which are generated by configure.

> I then changed as indicated in the attached patch (which
> I'm not actually suggesting is the best solution to the problem) and
> again executed:
> ./curl/tests/
> This time curl was built successfully.
> I could just use a locally patched version of, but unless
> I'm missing something it seems like this is a genuine bug in the
> script that should be fixed.
correct; I take a look soon, probably this weekend -- it has biten me
too already, and I'm using a patched version too :)


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