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Autobuilds and on Windows

From: Adam Light <>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 12:03:16 -0700


I'd like to get an autobuild of curl set up on my Windows 7 x64
machine using the Visual Studio compiler since looking at
<> it doesn't look like this configuration
has an autobuild at the moment.

I am following the instructions at
<> but I've run into some problems.
Mostly the problems are easily solved and due to the fact that the
windows shell is a poor substitute for a shell and getting git, nmake,
and the various other shell commands that need to be used to all work
properly, including getting all the environment variables set up
right, takes some effort.

But from what I can tell has a bug in it that prevents it
from working correctly on Windows.

From the windows shell, I did:
  mkdir curlbuild
  cd curlbuild
  git clone git://
  ./curl/tests/ started to run and then after printing out a bunch of
stuff, the following printed:
testcurl: display lib/curl_config-win32.h

lib/curl_config-win32.h: No such file or directory at
line 571. (.... represents the full path to the file)

Line 571 is doing open(F, "lib/curl_config$confsuffix.h"). Since
$confsuffix is always empty except when Windows is the target, and
since curl_config.h exists, this works on all platforms but windows.
But since curl_config-win32.h does not exist (the file is named
config-win32.h) this fails on Windows.

I then changed as indicated in the attached patch (which
I'm not actually suggesting is the best solution to the problem) and
again executed:

This time curl was built successfully.

I could just use a locally patched version of, but unless
I'm missing something it seems like this is a genuine bug in the
script that should be fixed.


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