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Re: Autobuilds and on Windows

From: Guenter <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 12:33:49 +0200

Hi Adam,
Am 19.08.2010 21:03, schrieb Adam Light:
> I'd like to get an autobuild of curl set up on my Windows 7 x64
> machine using the Visual Studio compiler since looking at
> <> it doesn't look like this configuration
> has an autobuild at the moment.
> I am following the instructions at
> <> but I've run into some problems.
> Mostly the problems are easily solved and due to the fact that the
> windows shell is a poor substitute for a shell and getting git, nmake,
> and the various other shell commands that need to be used to all work
> properly, including getting all the environment variables set up
> right, takes some effort.
BTW. the logfile upload does currently not work as described [1]; you
need to mail the log. On Win32 I do this with blat.exe (unfortunately we
have not yet a curl.exe option to set the subject [2], so that would be
a bit hackish to use curl for mailing a log);
here you can download blat:



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