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Fw: Re: "SSL: couldn't create a context!"

From: <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 01:29:12 GMT

Sorry, I hit reply without looking at the address.

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Hi Guenter.

I can use both the precompiled curl.exe and my locally compiled curl.exe to get https pages. My locally compiled libcurl.dll (with SSL enabled) can fetch http pages, but not https pages. It gives that error message I mentioned. The mingw32 file I used was the one that comes in the latest dev-cpp package. I tried compiling libcurl with only the http protocol and also with all protocols.

I didn't see a precompiled libcurl.dll with SSL support in any of the download packages... is there not one, or am I blind?

I see this link on the downloads page:
but there is no libcurl.dll in it?

The reason I wanted to use libcurl.dll instead of curl.exe was:
On win98se (at least, on my computer) the curl.exe caused windows to launch the winoa386.mod file. I guess winoa386.mod is the DOS box on win98. When curl.exe launched, it caused my computer to lock-up until I pressed control-alt-delete and then escape. I changed the linker flag to "LDFLAGS = -s -mwindows" (in the file makefile.m32 in both \lib and \src folders) and now my curl.exe works without bringing up the DOS console. I have the output piped to a string in my program's memory and work with it that way.

So now, I don't need to get libcurl.dll working.

The language I'm working in is XBasic. There are many examples on the web that use libcurl instead of the curl.exe. I was thinking - maybe I could create my own DLL for fellow XBasic programmers called xblibcurl.dll. It would have functions in it like curl_easy_init() that would buildup a command-line and execute it when curl_easy_perform() was called. Also, this would allow for mixing of passing in command-line switches too. i.e. curl_easy_addcommandline("-s -k"). I'm new to curl - maybe there is already a function for this. But, this project will have to wait since I'm currently busy with other projects.
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Received on 2008-02-17