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Fw: Re: "SSL: couldn't create a context!"

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 17:46:42 +0100

> Sorry, I hit reply without looking at the address.
no prob.

> I can use both the precompiled curl.exe and my locally compiled curl.exe
> to get https pages. My locally compiled libcurl.dll (with SSL enabled)
> can fetch http pages, but not https pages. It gives that error message I
> mentioned. The mingw32 file I used was the one that comes in the latest
> dev-cpp package. I tried compiling libcurl with only the http protocol
> and also with all protocols.
hmmm, but when your locally compiled curl.exe works too then the libcurl must be ok too, or?

> I didn't see a precompiled libcurl.dll with SSL support in any of the
> download packages... is there not one, or am I blind?

> I see this link on the downloads page:
> but there is no libcurl.dll in it?
hmm, yes, I remember that was reported in past by someone, but I thought that Daniel fixed this....

You can try the binaries I've build - they contain a libcurl.dll:

and I've tested these with the SSL package you downloaded (I've build this too).

Received on 2008-02-17