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Fw: Re: "SSL: couldn't create a context!"

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 00:37:14 +0100

> So now, I don't need to get libcurl.dll working.

> The language I'm working in is XBasic. There are many examples on the web
> that use libcurl instead of the curl.exe. I was thinking - maybe I could
can you perhaps post a sample?
also, have you looked at XBLite? It comes already with a libcurl binding:

> create my own DLL for fellow XBasic programmers called xblibcurl.dll. It
> would have functions in it like curl_easy_init() that would buildup a
> command-line and execute it when curl_easy_perform() was called. Also,
> this would allow for mixing of passing in command-line switches too. i.e.
> curl_easy_addcommandline("-s -k"). I'm new to curl - maybe there is
> already a function for this. But, this project will have to wait since
> I'm currently busy with other projects.
this is not necessary - these options can be set with the easy interface.

I've downloaded both XBasic and XBLite, and from what I can see both rely on MSVC DLLs;
so not sure if it works with MingW32 builds too.

While I was able to replace the libcurl.dll in the XBLite libcurl package with a recent one with SSL support I've just build, I was not able to do https; http though works fine.
If you want to go XB then I'd suggest that you use XBLite, and then contact the author, and ask for an updated libcurl package with SSL support. Anyway the libcurl package there is totally outdated now (7.10.5), and would be nice to get something later.

If you want to fiddle self a bit I can provide a package to you with what I currently have.

And: I am able to reproduce the issue you get with XBLite:

* About to connect() to port 443 (#0)
* Trying * connected
* Connected to ( port 443 (#0)
* SSL: couldn't create a context!
* Closing connection #0
* Out of memory
Download done.
File size : 0 bytes.

I found that the easy interface has an option CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION, and probably this needs to be set with the basic stuff - I dont know yet....

Received on 2008-02-18