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RE: Yang Tse - 1.271

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 12:24:52 +0100

Yang Tse wrote:

> ./buildconf
> ./configure --disable-shared --enable-debug --enable-ares --with-ssl
--with-zlib --with-libidn --with-libssh2
> cd ares
> make
> cd ..
> make

> Does this also work for you ?

No ! You're right

In fact, the problem appeared after I updated my cygwin installation:
openssl people have probably changed some stuff in the opensll header
files that makes them now incompatible with the "hybrid" winldap
definitions. After cygwin update, even the simple configure does not
work anymore :-(

I introduced the "hybrid" notion some month ago because old curl code
wanted to use winldap on cygwin (that mimics GNU/Linux environment) and
I wanted to stay in sync with this use. However this was a bit tricky.

Since the trick does not make it anymore, I would now suggest to remove
the hybrid workaround and to stop supporting winldap on cygwin: using
openldap seems more appropriate.

This will require updating the configure file and the ldap source.
Unfortunately, I do not have time to do it before imminent release.

What about mingw and pw32? These are also special environments, but I do
not know them. Does anybody know if they still need some "hybrid" code,
or is it possible to use openldap on them too ?
Received on 2008-01-24