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RE: javacurl

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 21:26:53 +0100

Guenter Knauf wrote:

> I've just updated the curl-java-0.2 package, and compiled against
libcurl 7.17.1 with MingW32, and finally successfully checked our bank
account of the Mexican bank with it, hehe....

So I'm glad to be wrong :-)

Sorry for thinking it's dead, but I know there are a lot of
features/options/entry-points than have been added/changed to curl
library for the last 3 years. And by comparing the code (and even the
dir names!) of your archive and the ones that I downloaded from
sourceforge, it's hard for me to believe there is a "recent" common
trunk... (Only what is called the "1st release" is available from
sourceforge). In addition, I read somewhere in the curl library list
archive that curl was very little used by java programmers.

Guys, many thanks for all your answers/help/worktime/package: we'll try
to do it here now !
Received on 2008-01-17