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Re: javacurl

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 22:28:47 +0100

Hi Patrick,

> It appears this binding has not been maintained (on sourceforge) for
> about three years :-( Although advertised on, this package
> seems dead, thus useless.
sorry for my first post - I got a completely different and more complete package these days;
I've now looked at the SF site, and totally agree that this is useless incomplete bull**** there!!
However that has nothing to do with how old it is (in fact what I have is around 6 years old!) but only how it is distributed = the Perl script is missing for updating the, and itself is also not in the JNI archive where it belongs to - otherwise you cant get the JNI compiled.

So I would like to provide to you what I got years ago, and how I did patch it...
here's the original source I got initially:
I have now updated this package so that it looks like this:
and here's the diff so you can see what I changed:

Initially Daniel has hacked a Perl script which generated a list from curl.h;
then you had to insert this new list into
I've now modified the Perl script so that it creates the in one go, and no further editing is needed anymore. Also I've added a make target to the Makefile (which is for MingW32) so that is automatically generated whenever the curl.h and/or curlver.h header is newer than
If you take a look at the Makefile you should quickly be able to create a Unix Makefile from that...

let me know if that works for ya and your friend....

Received on 2008-01-17