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Re: I just don't know how, where, why it crash

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 14:55:08 +0100 (CET)

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007, Victor wrote:

>> That's why the debugger was invented!

> So you want me to use debugger to find where the problem is??? And then???

Tell us where it is and we can help out each other to fix it.

> I tired.... But the crash is happened in another thread. Not in my
> code......I don't know what libcurl do in that thread..

So you use multiple threads?

> I modified the example 10-at-a-time.c in document/example to run a lot of
> task. It crash too......

But that doesn't use multiple threads. It uses one thread only.


So where does it crash then?

> If I found where it crash... But it is in libcurl ... what can I do?

Tell us about it with all the details. Try to fix it.

What do you expect we would do? libcurl is open source, made by volunteers for
free. You can be the one who fixes this problem.

> I have to write a lib to get web with http.... Or use another
> library...Or some day some guys find the same problem... and youguys say
> "That's why the debugger was invented! "?

Yes, as we (I at least) don't get the problem we can't really say what the
problem is unless you provide more details.

> What can I said? use debugger to fix a problem in library?

Sure, why not?

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