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Re: IRIX 6.2 MIPS C 6.2 o32 - Daily builds

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 14:16:17 +0100

2007/2/15, Dan Fandrich wrote:

> I added detection of ld warnings to the autobuilds page 2 weeks ago, so it's
> possible that the problem was occurring for a while but being missed.

Expanded it to also detect MIPS linkers ld32 and ld64 warnings.

Now the "curlx_tvnow, curlx_tvdiff, curlx_tvdiff_secs and
Curl_tvlong are defined more than once" issue is also highlighted on
other builds.

And as an additional 'gift' we get plenty of "libXYZ is not used for
resolving any symbol" which remembers us that we have pending issues
with how and which libraries get linked on many platforms.

Received on 2007-02-16