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Re: IRIX 6.2 MIPS C 6.2 o32 - Daily builds

From: Tor Arntsen <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 14:40:38 +0100

On Feb 16, 14:27, "Yang Tse" wrote:
>And as an additional 'gift' we get plenty of "libXYZ is not used for
>resolving any symbol" which remembers us that we have pending issues
>with how and which libraries get linked on many platforms.

That one may be a hard one to avoid, unless we try to detect every little
thing. For example, fabs() needs -lm on Solaris but almost nowhere else,
and if there's no other use for -lm on e.g. Irix you would see that message
there -- so we would have to painfully finetune which library is used on
which platform, presumably through autoconf. Well, we probably do some of
that already though.

Received on 2007-02-16