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Linux 2.6 i686 icc 9.0 - Daily builds

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 13:58:24 +0100

Report of the daily builds mystery department ;-)

Three daily builds named "Linux 2.6 i686 icc 9.0" are exhibiting the
somewhat strange behaviour of issuing warnings #1469 and #593 when
compiling its own macros FD_SET, FD_ISSET, and FD_ZERO.

* 593 warns on "variable __d0 was set but never used"
* 1469 warns on "cc clobber ignored"

Since the testsuite runs with no problems, I tried to disable this
warnings for ICC 9.0 with the patch

But the fact is that the patch makes no difference, we get the same result.

Looking deeper into the logs we can see the lines "checking for gcc...
icc", "checking gcc version... 9.1". This is a very good reason for
the above patch to not work it is only addressing version 9.0.

Several questions arise.

Is it icc 9.1 or actually 9.0, or even a 9.1 version with 9.0 headers ?

If it truly is icc 9.0 and -dumpversion is reporting 9.1. How can we
detect that version ?

Is it actually an icc version issue or an icc header file version issue ?

Do I revert previous patch, or wait for further
investigation/reinstallation/whatever ?


Received on 2007-02-16