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Re: IRIX 6.2 MIPS C 6.2 o32 - Daily builds

From: Tor Arntsen <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 19:40:40 +0100


On Feb 15, 19:08, "Yang Tse" wrote:
>If I'm not wrong, you've mentioned time ago that you kept around build
>logs for past builds. Would it be possible to find out which is the
>last date in which the build log does not contain the string
>"definition of curlx_tvnow in timeval.o preempts that definition" for
>a build that actually did run the testsuite ?

Unfortunately I apparently had to remove some of the oldest logs at
some stage, due to disk storage limitations on that old IRIX 6.2 machine.
So I can only confirm that the warning was there as early as Dec 20 2005,
but I don't seem to have logs before that anymore.

Received on 2007-02-15