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Re: ftp password and user-agent changes

From: Brian Dessent <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 17:00:59 -0800

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> 1 - I want to change the default anonymous password for FTP (mostly because
> I'm fed up with people blaiming me for "hacks" and "attacks" done all over the
> world, only because that email address in there). What is a "good" password to
> use? I seem to recall that some servers check that the given password is/looks
> like a valid password and thus must be a valid domain/host name...

I'd say this is a fine place to use It was designed for
this purpose, and email sent to it should bounce. So
"" (or maybe "") should
both parse as a valid email address as well as not cause any harm.

> 2 - I want to set a default User-Agent string for libcurl's default HTTP
> requests. Of course applications' own will still override this. The two
> reasons for me wanting this, are:

Here I'd say you have wide latitude to use whatever you want, as long as
it fits the UA grammar given in the RFC.

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