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Re: cross-compiling the curl library for PPC?

From: Robert P. J. Day <>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 04:52:04 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, Brian Dessent wrote:

> "Robert P. J. Day" wrote:
> > > No? Then I've must've been on drugs when I thought I did it... ;-)
> >
> > if you did it without having to restructure the files in the
> > openssl build directory, then i suspect you were. ;-)
> I don't understand why you're trying to bend over backward to avoid
> "make install".

on a regular basis, one sees some variation of the following
conversation on some technical mailing list:

  "how do i do A?"

  "i can't tell you how to A, but let me explain how to do B."

  "well, thanks very much, but if i'd *wanted* to know how to do B, i
would have *asked* how to do B. but since i *didn't* want to know how
to do B, that response wasn't all that helpful, was it?"

see my point? *i* want to know if it's possible to configure/build
curl against the contents of a cross-compiled openssl build directory
without having to move stuff around or do a bogus "make install". if
you know how to do that, i'm all ears. if you *don't* know how to do
that, then perhaps you could refrain from trying to minimize my
request and wasting all this bandwidth. fair?

> Even in a cross-compiled situation the following should work fine:

> cd /path/to/built/libssl
> make install DESTDIR=/tmp/whatever

why, no, in fact, it doesn't, but thanks for playing. the fundamental
problem is that, when you configure openssl, there are *two*
destination directories you're allowed to specify:


"--prefix" allows you to specify the installation location of the
stuff for /bin, /lib and /include, while "--openssldir" is for
/etc-related stuff. in short, you have the option with openssl to
install to two entirely independent locations which means that, even
if the bogus "install" worked, it would have installed to two
different locations, whereupon it's not clear how a single
"--with-ssl" config option for curl would have handled that.

  (as an aside, i didn't just make one test, watch it fail, then
immediately come running to this mailing list for help. i tested
several different configurations to see if there was a way to do this.
so, yes, i did that RTFM thing, thanks.)

  as a final attempt, i tried using the documented feature of
configuring with

  CPPFLAGS="-I<path to headers>"
  LDFLAGS="-L<path to libs>"

but that also failed, no matter what i tried in terms of the
"--with-ssl" option, so i'm not sure what the point of those options

  in short, i'm willing to accept daniel's earlier position that what
i'm trying to do simply can't be done without moving the build results
of openssl around to "fake" an install setup that curl is happy with.

  i think that's annoying but i'm willing to live with it if that's
reality. but i don't think what i'm doing is that outrageous and,
more to the point, it might be helpful if that was more clearly
documented in the INSTALL file.

Received on 2006-04-29