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Re: cross-compiling the curl library for PPC?

From: Brian Dessent <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 16:22:14 -0700

"Robert P. J. Day" wrote:

> > No? Then I've must've been on drugs when I thought I did it... ;-)
> if you did it without having to restructure the files in the openssl
> build directory, then i suspect you were. ;-)

I don't understand why you're trying to bend over backward to avoid
"make install". Even in a cross-compiled situation the following should
work fine:

cd /path/to/built/libssl
make install DESTDIR=/tmp/whatever
cd /path/to/libcurl
./configure --with-ssl=/tmp/whatever
make # and so on
rm -rf /tmp/foobar

Received on 2006-04-29