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Re: trouble logging in

From: Richard Lynch <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 16:15:07 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, August 20, 2007 12:59 am, haroon ahmad wrote:
> first
> was about to handle cURL with ajax and nobody replied even i replied
> myself
> to that email three times asking for help but no response i cant
> believe
> there is no one in this list who has not worked with cURL-ajax or
> javascript...

This being the *PHP* and cURL list, where do you see Ajax and
Javascript fitting in?

They don't.


So either there is a curl-javascript tool you need to find a forum
for, or there is no such thing, and all you're really asking is
a) how to do Ajax (still the wrong list)
b) how Ajax would work with PHP/cURL

How Ajax would work with PHP/cURL is the same way a browser would work
with PHP/cURL. Ajax makes HTTP requests, PHP answers them, just as it
would with a browser.

There is no special magic involved at all.

> my recent request for help was on making a webcrawler with cURL but
> nobody
> replied to that too though it is a very hot thing done with cURL and i
> can
> see many such projects.

You could just examine the source of any OpenSource web crawler to see
how to crawl the web.

And as far as the cURL bit goes, it's a question of using curl_init()
in PHP instead of just a simple GET in the guts of the crawler.

So what exactly do you want to know?

> so either there are not much expert people attached with this mailing
> list
> or they wont bother to provide free help for such topics. But it
> doesnt mean
> i do not respect this mailing list or have any doubt in Daniel
> contribution
> , no doubt both are great and have contributed a lot.

Perhaps your question was so broad as to be meaningless and we all
just hit "delete"? No, that can't be it...

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